Innovation and Development
of the Health Care Sector

EUVECA is an ERASMUS+ project designed to support the provision of future-oriented skills in within the health and care sector. This will be done through the creation of Regional Vocational Excellence Hubs in 7 European regions which collaborate within a European Platform for Vocational Excellence in Health Care.


The overall ambition of the EUVECA project is to show that by including a strategic and coordinated focus on VET in the work and collaboration within the regional health ecosystems, VET can contribute in a substantial way to move innovation forward within the European health care sector and ensure the sustainability of the sector on both a European and regional level.


Nineteen partners from eight European countries, led by South Denmark, formed a consortium for four years to establish seven Regional Vocational Excellence Hubs. A meeting on 2-3 June in Sønderborg, Denmark, marked the official start of their collaboration. The seven regional hubs will connect on a European Platform for Vocational Excellence in Health Care.
The objective is to ensure coordination, adaption, innovation and upward convergence within regional health education ecosystems and promote European blended mobility and inter-regional learning and collaboration among healthcare professionals and students from the participating regions and beyond.

Euveca team