Towards establishing an innovative Education Hub in Slovenia

Towards establishing an innovative Education Hub in Slovenia

An article by Marija Milavec-Kapun


On 24 August 2023 the follow-up meeting between the project partners was an important step towards revolutionising care provider education and marked the beginning of the initiative in Slovenia. The established collaboration aims to address identified needs through comprehensive surveys and stakeholder engagement, laying down the foundation for a Regional Vocational Excellence Hub (RVEH) dedicated to improving the skills of professional  care providers.

The meeting of the Slovenian EUVECA project partners was a crucial milestone in realising the vision of creating an RVEH for health and social care professionals and students. The focus of the project is to meet the urgent educational needs of care professionals and students in Slovenia and therefore, also the needs of patients, their families, and communities. Surveys among different care professionals, students, and focus group discussions with relevant stakeholders have revealed specific areas where education and training can have a transformative impact. By gathering insights from care recipients, professionals, and students, the project partners have gained a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and knowledge gaps in the health and social care sector.

Based on the needs identified, the project partners are now ready to establish RVEH to equip healthcare professionals and students with the necessary skills and knowledge. The hub will offer a diverse range of training programmes, workshops, and approaches tailored to the specific needs of the social and healthcare sector, enabling participants to acquire 21st century skills that, among others, support interdisciplinary teamwork, patient involvement, international cooperation, and staff migration. This initiative aims to improve the quality of care provided through a personalised approach to participants.

Collaboration among stakeholders from different sectors demonstrates a shared commitment to raising standards of care. By harnessing the expertise of project partners, including education specialists, healthcare professionals, and technology innovators, the initiative is well-positioned to transform the education and care landscape.

As the project gains momentum, the partners have identified a number of important next steps. These include partner engagement, curriculum development, technology integration, and efforts to reach a broader audience of care providers. The development of the RVEH is guided by a shared vision to empower care providers and improve the overall quality of care in Slovenia.

The successful follow-up meeting of the Slovenian EUVECA project partners marks the beginning of an exciting journey to create an RVEH that promises to redefine the landscape of care providers in Slovenia. Based on the needs identified through research and collaboration, the project partners are committed to realising a future where care providers are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their roles and provide quality care to people in need in different settings.

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The sustainability of the European health care sector has been challenged by 6 mega trends over the last several years. To respond to these trends and achieve maximum care quality, patient safety, efficiency, and economic sustainability, the sector has undergone major changes:   

(i) Increased digitalization  

(ii) A shift towards patient-centered care 

(iii) Greater patient involvement in in co-designing care pathways