Experts join forces on emergency care safety training

Experts join forces on emergency care safety training

An article by Melanie Broens and Marije Hahnen

Five healthcare institutions in Twente, The Netherlands are joining forces around the topic of Crew Resource Management (CRM). The initiative originated from the EUVECA project, in which project members from both Ziekenhuisgroep Twente (ZGT)  and University of Twente (UT) noted that they increasingly received training requests from healthcare professionals in the field of CRM. However, both institutions face their own specific obstacles, such as the availability of realistic practice rooms, the availability of qualified trainers, and the availability of up-to-date knowledge on the latest developments in the profession.


The first institution has access to realistic training spaces but lacks qualified trainers, while the second institution has qualified CRM trainers but lacks available realistic training spaces. During a dinner of the EUVECA partner meeting in Ljubljana in February 2023, the idea was born to start a project for this purpose.


Network gives the CRM training a boost

Following a brief regional survey, multiple institutions showed interest in collaborating on this theme and were enthusiastic about forming a network together. We are at the start of an interesting amalgamation of a mix of experts in content, education, and science across institutional boundaries to see how we can boost CRM training in the region. This recent CRM network involves the following institutions: ZGT Academy of ZGT Almelo, TechMed Centre/University of Twente, ROC of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, and the Medical School of Medical Spectrum Twente. Currently, the network is in the middle of this exploration process.


Cross-pollination strengthens future-proof care

One institution can provide professional and qualified trainers, the other has realistic training rooms that are fully equipped for learning situations. On top, the experts/trainers can expand their skills and expertise through this cross-institutional working method, partly because they work with diverse groups of healthcare professionals from institutions beyond their own. This will facilitate a beneficial regional cross-pollination of CRM expertise, facilities, and knowledge, providing an opportunity for the region to train healthcare professionals who are prepared for the future.


For more information, you can contact:
Melanie Broens, ZGT Academy, ZGT Almelo (

Marije Hahnen, Technical Medical Centre, University of Twente (

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The sustainability of the European health care sector has been challenged by 6 mega trends over the last several years. To respond to these trends and achieve maximum care quality, patient safety, efficiency, and economic sustainability, the sector has undergone major changes:   

(i) Increased digitalization  

(ii) A shift towards patient-centered care 

(iii) Greater patient involvement in in co-designing care pathways