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University of Twente

The University of Twente is a technical public university located in Enschede, the Netherlands with more than 12000 students from every part of the world. The university offers a variety of technical and social science bachelor and master degrees. At the University of Twente, we are pioneers in fusing technology, science and engineering with social sciences to impact the world around us. All of our research and education is aimed at making a difference in today’s society, while setting up the next generation for the future. In this pursuit, the entrepreneurial mind-set and global awareness of our many talented scientists, educators and students lead us to move beyond differences, disciplines, borders. The cross-disciplinary way of working that characterizes our university opens up unexpected possibilities – especially in combination with creativity and excellence in scientific disciplines. Our distinctive educational model, engineering approach and open culture generate new ideas, new energy, new ways forward.

Role in the project:

The TechMed Centre of the University of Twente is closely involved in work package 5 in which we, together with our regional partners, will contribute to the testing and implementation phase of the Regional Vocational Education Hubs in Healthcare (EPVE). The TechMed Centre has a broad experience in (academic) education of healthcare professionals in the technological medical domain, both students and professionals. Next to our broad technological experience in the healthcare domain our institute has a specific pedagogical vision in / on training and delivering the ‘adaptive professional’, a professional who is able to act in uncertain and untrained situations. Complementary, part of these trainings is held within our simulation centre. Our mission is to deliver the sustainable healthcare professional who is well-equipped for future-proof challenges. Considering this specific expertise and experience the TechMed Centre is able to play a valuable contribution in the EUVECA project.
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The sustainability of the European health care sector has been challenged by 6 mega trends over the last several years. To respond to these trends and achieve maximum care quality, patient safety, efficiency, and economic sustainability, the sector has undergone major changes:   

(i) Increased digitalization  

(ii) A shift towards patient-centered care 

(iii) Greater patient involvement in in co-designing care pathways