Polytechnic University of Valencia

Polytechnic University of Valencia

The Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) is a public HEI (Higher Education Institution) offering modern degrees, according to the Bologna Process, and official postgraduate programmes, subject to educational quality control systems. Main scientific and technological domains are information and communication technologies, food and agricultural technologies, electric, electronic, mechanical and chemical engineering, and business sciences.

UPV hosts nearly 30,000 students and employs over 4,000 people (teaching, research, and administrative staff). It is the first technological university in Spain according to international rankings (e.g. Shanghai Ranking of World Universities) and offers 39 undergraduate programmes, over 80 official Master’s degrees and 30 Doctorate programmes. Even though UPV focuses mainly on engineering and technical studies, it also hosts a Faculty of Fine Arts and a Faculty of Business Administration and Management. It receives every year over 1,800 exchange students and sends over 1,400 UPV students abroad under different mobility programmes.

Role in the project:

Politecnic University of Valencia is a leader of Work Package 8 on Evaluation and Quality Assurance. UPV is actively involved in international cooperation and mobility projects. UPV is internationally oriented and repeatedly ranked among the top 5 European Universities in terms of incoming and outgoing students under the Erasmus Programme. So UPV has experience in the management of European projects and takes part in different actions: Erasmus+ (Capacity Building in Higher Education, Knowledge Alliances, Strategic Partnerships, etc.), Creative Europe, Horizon2020, etc. and in several international networks such as Magalhaes, Santander Group, CARPE.
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