Coordination and Innovation in Education are Key to Create the Sustainable Health Care Sector of the Future

Coordination and Innovation in Education are Key to Create the Sustainable Health Care Sector of the Future

Creating a sustainable healthcare sector of the future requires coordination and innovation in education. That’s why the first regional EUVECA Hub meeting was organised in the Region of Southern Denmark on January 18th, 2023. The event brought together 26 participants, including regional and local health providers and representatives from all levels of health care education.


The workshop was designed to encourage creative thinking and brainstorming, with participants divided into groups to discuss their experiences, visions for the Hub, and ideas for how to create a network that everyone would want to join. The result was an enthusiastic and productive day of discussion and idea-sharing, with many innovative projects proposed.

The meeting was intentionally designed to generate more questions than answers, recognising that confusion and uncertainty are a natural part of the design process. By harnessing the knowledge and experience of the participants, the organisers were able to gather the information needed to establish a Hub that truly reflects the stakeholders’ ideas and wishes.

One of the exciting themes that emerged from the discussions was the need to create links between education and working life, as well as to make education more flexible and customisable through the use of micro-credentials and interprofessional internships. Participants were engaged and eager to contribute to the success of the network.

Political participation from the regional council (represented by Mark Vitterup Soegaard ) was also an important aspect of the event, with the council recognising the need to move away from siloed thinking in continuing education and embrace a more broad and customisable approach.

The next Hub meeting, scheduled for May 17th, will focus on creating a work plan and prioritising a few innovative projects to get started. The organisers recognise the importance of making the activities of the Hub concrete from the beginning and are committed to working closely with stakeholders to create a sustainable health care sector of the future.




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The sustainability of the European health care sector has been challenged by 6 mega trends over the last several years. To respond to these trends and achieve maximum care quality, patient safety, efficiency, and economic sustainability, the sector has undergone major changes:   

(i) Increased digitalization  

(ii) A shift towards patient-centered care 

(iii) Greater patient involvement in in co-designing care pathways